We invite You to enter Our Beautiful Gate

to meet God's Fragile Butterflies, the Niños of Puerta Hermosa.

Fourteen years ago when we rescued two very sick little girls, God called upon our hearts ❤ to open Beautiful Gate Orphanage. That dream is now a fully functional orphanage dedicated to abandoned special-needs children, whom we call Fragile Butterflies 🦋. We deeply love ❤ them and they bless us abundantly.

In partnership with you, we can and are making a difference for them!

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Help Us with Needed Supplies

One of our butterflies.

Sponsor our Children


Lovingly Sponsor monthly either Alondra, Alicia, Alejandro, Chemo or Marcitos.


Rancho Génesis Ministry, Upkeep & Security


RG has been "hibernated" (a huge financial shock) due to COVID -19, to all but small amigo mission teams for construction, but the cost of RG ministry continues.


Support Our Caregivers


Support our wonderful 9 Skilled Loving Caregivers— Gaby R, Ana Luisa, Esmeralda, Lupita, Yazmin, Teresita, Paty, Denisse and Eva who deeply love❤️ and gently care for His Fragile Butterflies 🦋


Operation for Alicia


Walk alongside Alicia for an operation that will allow her to walk with the help of a walker

Daily Medicine


Buy 3 weeks of daily medicine for Alejandro, Alicia & Marcitos (our normal $$ when healthy)


School for Alejandro


Help Alejandro, our miracle boy, go to a public school with our classroom aid staff (staff required).

2 Weeks of Dr. Visits


Bring Dr.Mellissa, a caring professional, to oversee medical care and visitonce a week to care for our fragile butterflies 🦋 (2 weeks of visits) .

School Uniforms & Supplies


Send Alondra, Chemo, Marcitos, and Alicia to special needs school with uniforms and school supplies along with our 4 classroom aid staff (1 staff per niño required)

Hospital Fund


Give monthly ($180 yearly) towards our important Hospital Fund for extra medicines and supply needs when one of His fragile butterflies 🦋 is 911 to the hospital (Sadly this is a normal for some of our niños)

PPE for Caregivers


Critical PPE for our 9 Skilled Loving Caregivers

Daily Medicine (1 week)


Buy 1 week of daily medicine for Alejandro, Alicia & Marcitos (our normal $$ when healthy)

General Fund


Give to our General Fund for our basic Beautiful Gate family needs. (We know this sounds boring but it will meet important needs every family has.)

Protein Shakes


3 boxes of Premier Protein Shakes from Costco for Alondra, Marcitos and Chemo to supplement their nutrient needs.

Sanitation Supplies


Much needed Sanitation supplies of Hand sanitizer, Disinfectant wipes, Lysol spray and Chlorine bleach for our Beautiful Gate Family.

Nebulizer Treatment


Essential Nebulizer Lung treatment for Alejandro per week.

Communication Therapy


Amazing Communication Therapy for Alondra.